Mens Cassock Albs


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• 2 Cassock Alb
• 3 Cassock Alb
• 4 Cassock Alb
• 5 Cassock Alb

Available with a choice of neck finishes: hood, shaped collar, shaped collar with false hood.
Fabric choice of: Polyester Hopsack, Polyester, Viscose, Polyester Wool, Terelene and Wool mix.
Colours available include cream and white.
Cassock albs are not lined unless specified when ordering.

Men's Cassock Alb 1 and 2

men's cassock alb 11

1 Double breasted with two pleats to back falling from a yoke. Four button front fastening. Side slits.

men's cassock alb 22

2 Loose fitting zip up alb. Side slits.

© Helene Cross 


Men's Cassock Alb 3 and 4

men's cassock alb 3 3

3 Pullover and loose fitting. Dominican style neck finish. Can be worn with or without sash.

© Helene Cross 

men's cassock alb 4 4

4 Concealed front fastening, inverted pleat at back, falling from a yoke.


Men's Cassock Alb 5

men's cassock alb 5 5

5 A pullover alb with pleats front and back. With a waistline button fastening.

© Helene Cross