Ladies Cassock Albs

Available with a choice of neck finishes - Hood Shaped Collar, Shaped Collar with false hood.
All are available in Polyester Hopsack, Polyester Viscose, Polyester Wool, Terelene and Wool fabric mixes.
Colours are cream and white.

Cassock albs are unlined unless specified when ordering with the exception of Style 4 which must be lined.

• 1 Cassock Alb
• 2 Cassock Alb
• 3 Cassock Alb
• 4 Cassock Alb
• 5 Cassock Alb
• 6 Cassock Alb

Cassock Alb 1 and 2

ladies cassock alb 11

1 Straight loose fitting with two pleats
front and back falling from back yoke.
Four button fastening and side pockets.

ladies casssock alb 2 2

© Helene Cross 

2 Slightly flared and loose fitting.
A centre front zip fastening and side


Cassock Alb 3 and 4

ladies cassock alb 3 3

3 Pullover and loose fitting with wide sleeves. Worn with or without
Dominican style collar.

ladies cassock alb 4 4

© Helene Cross 

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4 Double breasted figure fitting cassock, generously flared for a feminine look. Ten button fastening to front and side pockets. Must be lined.


ladies cassock4a

Single breasted fitted cassock alb generously flared for feminine look.
Concealed button front fastening, side pockets.




© Helene Cross 


Cassock Alb 5 and 6

ladies cassock alb 5 5

© Helene Cross 

5 Zipped front, back yoke with pleat

ladies cassock alb 66

6 A pullover alb with pleats front and back. With a waistline button fastening.
Image with a Dominican collar.